Sunday June 19 the Orthodox Church celebrates the great Feast of Pentecost.
Festal Orthros begins at 9:00am
Divine Liturgy 10:00 followed by the “Kneeling Prayers” as we invoke the Holy Spirit for the coming year.
Church Picnic at Homer Lake, Salt Fork Pavilion all afternoon.
Come and share the joy and community life!

Church School Begins September 13, 9:15 on Sunday morning

October 10, 2015 “Becoming Truly Human”

A workshop on a better way to share your life and the good news of Jesus Christ with others.
Adam Roberts will be sharing a developing program for treating others with love and respect as we share the joy of the faith we hold dear.

St. Nicholas celebration 2015

Festivities with Bp ANTHONY for St. Nicholas
Friday Dec. 4 6:30 Daily Vespers for with *reception of the Bishop
Followed by and Teens evening with the Bishop
Saturday Dec. 5 Brunch with Parish Council
5:00pm Great Vespers and Bp. ANTHONY teaching
Sunday Dec. 6 Matins with Bishop’s Kairon 9:00am,
Hierarchical Divine Liturgy to follow
Luncheon/Coffee Hour

Pentecost 2015

May 31 is the Feast of Pentecost.

Beginning with Great Vespers on Saturday Evening at 5:00 we celebrate the sending of the promised Holy Spirit upon the Apostles of Christ. We will offer Matins/Orthros at 9:00am Sunday and the DIvine Liturgy at 10:00 followed by the Kneeling Vespers prayers.

Then we will continue our celebration with a picnic and special oratorical festival presentations by our teens at Homer Lake.

Blessed Ascension

Christ has ascended to heaven, seated at the right hand of the Father.

To the surprise and delight of the angelic hosts a man is now glorified above them.

From there He shall come to judge the living and departed.

From there He will send the Holy Spirit to empower His Church

To there He calls all of us to our eternal destiny.

Glory to God who does all things well!

Holy Week Schedule

Services for Holy Week 2015
6:30pm Sunday night Bridegroom Matins of HolyMonday
6:30pm Monday night Bridegroom Matins of HolyTuesday
10:00am Tuesday morning Presanctified Liturgy
6:30pm Tuesday night Bridegroom Matins of Holy Wednesday
6:00am Wednesday Presanctified Liturgy
6:30pm Wednesday night Holy Unction
10:00am Thursday morning Vesperal Divine Liturgy and Washing of Feet
6:30pm Thursday night Holy Friday Matins with Nailing on the Cross (12 Gospels)
9:00am Friday Royal Hours and Decorating the Bier
3:00pm Friday Holy Friday Vespers Taking Down from the Cross
6:30pm Friday Holy Saturday Matins with Burial Hymns
10:00am Holy Saturday Vesperal Liturgy and Baptisms
10:00pm Saturday PASCHA Services
1:30pm Sunday Agape Vespers

“The theology and practice of the Church is an apostolic gift”

One does not enter the Orthodox Church and according to our preferences attempt to shape and form its ethos, its cultural predisposition, primarily the “way things are done”, handed down by the Apostles themselves, . We must be shaped and formed by the ethos of the Church; its sights, sounds, smells, actions, auditory features and etiquette…its ways. We no more adapt the theology of the Church to our way of thinking than we design the ethos of the Church to fit our aesthetic predispositions. The theology of the Church is an Apostolic gift just as the sound and content of ecclesiastical hymnody was revealed to the Church from the Old Testament through the New Testament and throughout the ages of the Church by many heavenly and miraculous visitations. These visitations have revealed the ethos, the heavenly content and sound of our hymnody. This way of doing Church hymnody is part of the transforming power of holding to, “ …the traditions which ye have been taught… ” and allowing them to transform our preferences and predispositions.

Nathan Hoppe, Missionary to Albania

OCMC missionary, NAthan Hoppe will be at St. Nicholas Orthodox CHrch, 312 West ELm, Urbana, Thursday July 10, 7:00PM. He will be sharing with us some of the amazing progress that is being made in rebuilding the Orthodox Church in Albania from the ashes left by communism.

Holy Week Schedule 2014

St. Nicholas Orthodox Church • Urbana, IL


Bridegroom Matins, 6 PM • Confessions Follow

The Procession with the icon of Christ, the Bridegroom of the Church, takes place, and we re- member the righteousness of Joseph who, like Christ, suffered unjustly with patience.

Girls and young ladies please wear white and plan to help with procession



Bridegroom Matins, 6:30PM • Confessions Follow

We remember the example of the ten virgins waiting for the Bride- groom.



Bridegroom Matins, 6:30 PM • Confessions Follow

We remember the woman who anointed the head and feet of our Lord, wiping them with her hair, in contrast with Judas and his be- trayal of Christ. The Hymn of Kassiane expresses these contrasts with profound poetry and majesty.



Sacrament of Holy Unction, 6:30 PM

We are anointed for healing of soul and body as Christ was anointed in anticipation of his burial. All should have made their confession before this point.



Liturgy of St. Basil, 9 AM

On this day, when Jesus first said to his disciples, “Take, eat; this is my Body,” Orthodox Christians make it a point to participate in Holy Com- munion. Children may be excused from school. Foot washing ritual at close of Liturgy



Matins with the Twelve Passion Gospels, 6:30 PM

We walk with our Lord through the Passion. A procession with the Cross commemorates Christ’s voluntary Crucifixion.



Royal Hours, 10 AM 

We try to spend this day in Church, heeding our Lord’s words to “watch and pray.” During Ves- pers, Christ is taken down from the Cross and placed in the decorated tomb. Children may be ex- cused from school for the day for services

Un-nailing Vespers, 3 PM

Resurrectional Matins of Christ’s Funeral, 6:30 PM •

We join Joseph of Arimathea, Nicodemus and the Myrrh-bearing Women to sing in Praise of the buried Christ, and we process with the Bier and passing under it as if joining Christ in the tomb.



Liturgy of St. Basil, 10 AM

As we keep vigil, the Victory of Christ over death and his Resurrection ‘explodes’ with throwing of the leaves of victory. Please bring your children to this service. RUSH/MATINS/LITURGY, 11 PM HOLY PASCHA!

We receive the new Light and the Good News that “Christ is Risen.” Please bring dyed-red eggs. You may also bring Easter Baskets to be blessed for enjoyment and sharing after Liturgy. Our parish will also serve additional food to break the Fast.


Love Vespers, 1:30 PM • Pitch-in Feast with our Paschal Leftovers

The Good News (Gospel) of the Resurrection will be proclaimed in as many languages as possible.. Easter Egg hunt to follow.