St. Nicholas Antiochian Orthodox Christian Church is a parish of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese under the authority of Metropolitan JOSEPH and the Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest, His grace Bishop ANTHONY.

Antiochian, means the city in the Book of Acts where it it is recorded “they were first called Christians” It is the historic residence of our chief shepherd under Christ. Currently Patriarch John, has a home in Damascus, Syria, and Balamand, Lebanon.

Orthodox means at once both “right teaching”, and/or “right glory”. Despite our human weakness, we believe the Orthodox Church is the true successor of the ‘fullness’ of the faith of Jesus Christ first delivered to the apostles and their successors. By the grace of the Holy Spirit the same faith is taught, the same worship is offered, the same medicine of immortality dispensed, that was first established by the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the first Christian Pentecost on or about 33AD. This living witness, continuity of life and practice, witnessed to by the various writings of the Apostles and their immediate disciples is still vibrant and efficacious in our midst.

As a community of both lifelong and newly converted Orthodox Christians, we have members from a wide variety of backgrounds and ethnic groups. All services are in English.

St. Nicholas Icon and Troparion

If you are looking for an Orthodox Church to visit or attend regularly or are just investigating the historic Orthodox Christian faith we invite you to visit or contact us.

Our church is located near the campus of the University of Illinois and downtown Urbana, Illinois. We are just west of the Urbana Free Library and Busey Bank in downtown Urbana at 312 West Elm.


Be sure to check out our News page (and Google Calendar) for up-to-date service information.

lenten calendar

Upcoming Calendar Events
March 1 Sunday: Cheesefare coffee Hour Hosted by Parish Council
5:00pm Ice Cream Social & 6:00pm Forgiveness Vespers
March 24 6:00pm Great Vespers for the Annunciation
March 25 6:00pm Vesperal Liturgy for the Feast of the Annunciation
General Lenten Schedule
Monday evening 6:00pm Great Compline
Tuesday morning 6:00am Lenten First Hour
Wednesday evening 6:00pm Presanctified Liturgy
Friday evening 6:00pm Small Compline with the Akathist Hymn
Special Services First Week of Great Lent
Sunday Evening March 1 Forgiveness Vespers 6:00pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Great Compline with Canon of St. Andrew, 6:00pm
Saturday March 7 10:00am Liturgy for the Miracle of the Kollyva
Other Lenten Services
Wednesday April 1 6:00pm Small Compline with complete Canon of St. Andrew and the Life of St. Mary of Egypt
Thursday April 2 10:00am Presanctified Liturgy
Friday April 3 6:00pm Small Compline with complete Akathist Hymn
Holy “Week”
Friday April 10 6:00pm Small Compline w/ Canon for Lazarus (Life Confessions)
Saturday April 11 9:00am Orthros and Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday, 5:00pm Vespers
Sunday April 12 Palm Sunday Fish Dinner, 6:00pm Bridegroom Matins
Monday April 13 10:00am Presanctified, 6:00pm Bridegroom Matins
Tuesday April 14 6:00pm Bridegroom Matins
Wednesday April 15 3:00pm Presanctified, 6:00pm Holy Unction
Thursday April 16 9:00am Holy Thursday Matins & Liturgy, 6:00pm 12 Gospels
Friday April 17 9:00am Royal Hours, 3:00pm UnNailing, 6:00pm Lamentations
Saturday April 18 9:00am Anastasis Liturgy, 10:00pm PASCHAL services
Sunday April 19 1:00pm Agape Vespers

Diocese of Toledo and the Midwest PLC

St. Nicholas Parish is the host for the 2019 Parish Life Conference June 19-22

Find Information and Links at the PLC button above

Holy Week Schedule

Here is the confirmed Holy Week service schedule.     Fr. Gregory Jensen will be serving from April 8 through April 14.  Fr. Sebastian will serve the Holy Saturday vesperal Liturgy, Pascha services and Agape vespers.   We are truly grateful for their help, and also thank Fr. Nabil Hanna who is coordinating all our services until Fr. James is able to return.


Saturday April 8:

9 AM: Matins and Divine Liturgy for Lazarus Saturday

5 PM: Great Vespers of Palm Sunday


Sunday April 9:

9 AM:  Matins of Palm Sunday

10 AM:  Divine Liturgy of Palm Sunday

6:30 PM:  Bridegroom Matins


Monday April 10:   6:30 PM   Bridegroom Matins
Tuesday April 11:    6:30 PM  Bridegroom Matins
Wednesday April 12:   6:30 PM  Holy Unction

Thursday April 13:

10 AM:  Vesperal Divine Liturgy of the Institution of the Holy Eucharist
6:30 PM:  Holy Friday Matins  (Service of 12 Gospels)

Friday April 14:

9 AM:  Royal Hours and Decorating the Bier
3 PM:  Holy Friday Vespers (Taking Down from the Cross)
6:30 PM:  Holy Saturday Matins with Burial Hymns

Saturday April 15:

9 AM:  Vesperal Divine Liturgy of Holy Saturday  (the Harrowing of Hell)
10 PM:  Matins, Rush procession, and Divine Liturgy of PASCHA, followed by Paschal Feast

Sunday April 16:  12 Noon  Agape Vespers

Schedule Update


The Presanctifed Liturgy this Wednesday, April 5, has been cancelled.

Schedule update for the week of April 3


The men’s monastery trip and Friday’s Little Compline is cancelled, and the Friday Little Compline service is canceled.



Schedule Updates

Dear Friends,

Our Dean, Fr. Nabil Hanna, is working to arrange substitute clergy for our liturgical services while Fr. James is recuperating. Here is the schedule through this weekend:

Wednesday, March 29    6:30 PM

Fr. Moussa Haddad will serve the Presanctified Liturgy.


Thursday, March 30  6:30 PM

Little Compline with the Great Canon and Life of St. Mary of Egypt. (Reader’s service)


Friday March 31 – no service


Saturday, April 1   5:00 PM

Fr. Sebastian will serve Great Vespers.


Sunday, April 2

Fr. Sebastian will serve Matins at 9AM and Divine Liturgy at 10AM.


Information on future services will be provided by email as it becomes available.  We will also try to keep the website up to date with service information.

Please continue to keep Fr. James in your prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

Journey into the Heart w/Fr. John Oliver

Father John Oliver is the priest of St. Elizabeth Orthodox Church, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. He is the author of numerous articles and essays, and of Touching Heaven: Discovering Orthodox Christianity on the Island of Valaam, published by Ancient Faith Publishing, and Giver of Life: the Holy Spirit in Orthodox Tradition, published by Paraclete Press. Father John also broadcasts the popular Hearts and Minds podcast on Ancient Faith Radio. A summa cum laude graduate of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary, he joined the faculty as instructor in Old and New Testament and American Religious History. He and his wife Lara have three daughters and two sons.

In our time together, he will offer five talks on the subject of bringing our interior life – its thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, images – under the control of Christ. Since most human behavior is driven not by higher faculties such as intellect or reason, but by the heart- the true internal state of a person, a state often damaged or neglected – a reflection on discovering, accepting, and purifying inner life within the Holy Church may be useful. Internal cleansing and healing is the aim here.

Fr. John Oliver Oct. 14-16

St. Nicholas is sponsoring a retreat on Orthodox spirituality with Fr. John Oliver October 14-16.
7:00pm Friday evening
“Discovering our Interior Life” – Truth in the Inward Parts
3:30pm Saturday afternoon
“Accepting our Interior Life” – from Condemnation to Compassion
5:00pm Great Vespers
6:00pm “Elevating our Interior Life” from Psychology to Theology
Sunday Morning “Purifying our Interior Life”
Depending Not on the Consolation of Beginners
6:00pm Sunday evening
“Sharing our Interior Life – Repentance as our Gift to the World

Icon of the Transfiguration, Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery, Yaroslavl

Come, you faithful, let us welcome the Transfiguration of Christ,
And let us joyfully cry as we celebrate the prefeast:
The day of holy gladness has come;
The Lord has ascended Mount Tabor
To radiate the beauty of His divinity.

A reminder that we will celebrate Great Vespers, Friday at 6:00pm, Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy for the Transfiguration Saturday morning. at 9 & 10 respectively.

This Great Feast of the church reveals the glory of God in Christ and the hope of Resurrection for all.

St. John Summer Camp

Hey teens!

Summer Camp week is approaching July 24-July 30

Be sure and register at